Thursday, December 22, 2011

What is information Theory?

Information Theory is branch of probability theory which can be applied to the study of the communication systems.
It is a broad mathematical discipline and it has made fundamental contributions not only to communications but also computer science,statiscal physics and probability and statistics.

This concept of Information Theory was invented by communication scintists while they were studying the statistical structure of electronic communication equipments.
A basic Communication system consists of three components:

1 ) Transmitter
2 ) Medium or channel
3 ) Receiver

When the communique or message is measureable Like current or voltage then the study of communication system is very easy but When the communique is Information ,then the study becomes quite difficult.
So, Information theory studies all these kind of Questions regarding the information ,whats its unit and how it is  transferred.

A communication system is Non-deterministic i.e. thst means it has statiscal nature.Thus a communication system has uncertainity or in other words a communication system possesses unpredictability.
The amount of information(it is a parameter) associated with an event can not be determined.

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