Thursday, December 22, 2011

What is Entropy in Information Theory?

What is the concept of entropy?

A communication system transmit a long sequence of symbols from an information source that is , a communication system not deal with a single message but with all possible messages.
Thus we are more interested in the average information that a source produces rather than the information content of a single source.
Hence entropy is the average information per symbol .
Or   Average information per individual message.

It is a measure of uncertainty in a random variable.

1 ) The source is stationary so that the probabilities remain constant with time.
2 ) The successive symbols are statistically independent  and come from the source at an average rate of being symbols per second.

Mathematical expression :

H(X) = E(I(x)) = -∑P(x)logP(x)  bits/symbol
Where H (X) is known as entropy of the source X.

Entropy for Binary source:

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